I would really like to thank the team at Baba houseboats for having provided us with an exceptional houseboat experience. It was the first time that my family and I are spending time on a houseboat. We never thought it was this exciting and thrilling. The food you guys delivered were exceptional and we all fell in love with the ‘Karimeen Pollichathu’ you have on your menu. We were all talking about your service even after we left Kerala for Durban. So we thought, it would be nice to let you guys know that we had a wonderful time at yours. Thank you and all the best.

The trip could not have been better without the cruise of your houseboat. The most exciting part of our vacation in Kerala was the time we spent on your houseboat, especially the night. We think that you have a great deal of friendly services, and the amicable staffs are doing a great job. We will recommend you to anyone wanting to come to Alleppey for a fun houseboat ride. Thank you, you were fantastic.

It was great to spend time on your houseboat; that too in midst of backwaters in Kerala. The staffs were very good, caring and friendly. The food you served was the highlight of your service; though it was our third trip to Kerala, no food tasted like this ever before. The boat-ride during the evening through beautiful backwaters and landscapes was really an exciting one. We really loved the experience and are pretty sure that we will come back for more again.

The houseboat was an awesome place to spend the evening and the night. We really had a nice time. The cruise was great, the views from the boat in the night were even better. I never thought that the views from the houseboat would be this great. I mean, everything was so nice; your services were nice, the staff was courteous and understood what we were saying, you picked us up on time, and the guide was very friendly as well. We really had a great time in Kerala this time. We sure will come back next year with our families.

It was a great experience to ride on the backwaters—is that what you call those?—on a large boat. That was really cool to spend a time on the waters. It was not like spending time on a luxury cruise on the sea, but this was rustic, thrilling and exceptional. And, you guys are just fantastic. Thank you for the awesome time and great food.

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